Core Overview


Core Competences

Core Competences

Hongrita's core competences form the foundation of the competitive edge at plastic industry:

  • Technology Excellence
  • LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Molding
  • Multi-Component Molding
  • ISBM (Injection Stretch-Blow Molding)
  • High Performance Tooling Solutions
  • Smart Manufacturing

Hongrita's core competences in ISBM, LSR molding, multi-component molding, tooling, and smart manufacturing collectively strengthen its position as a leading provider of precision plastic components and products. These competences allow Hongrita to deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions to diverse industries, including medical, healthcare, automotive, and rigid packaging, while continuously pursuing technological excellence and sustainable business management practices.


Multi-Component Injection Molding

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Multi-Cavitation Mold

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LSR Injection Molding

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Precision Injection Molding and Equipment

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  • Optical Measurements

    • High-precision measurement
    • Non-contact measurement
    • Production efficiency improvement
    • Quality control and improvement
    • Research and innovation in new materials
  • Physical Measurements

    • Quality control
    • Process optimization
    • Fault diagnosis
    • Resource conservation
  • Environmental Testing

    • Regulatory compliance
    • Innovation opportunities
    • Sustainability and environmental protection
  • Reliability Testing

    • Product quality validation
    • Defect prevention
    • Cost savings
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Continuous improvement
  • Baby Care Product Testing

    • Product Safety assurance
    • Quality control
    • Innovation and R&D
  • Microbiological Laboratory

    • Product hygiene and safety
    • Production process control
    • Compliance with regulations and standards
    • Quality assurance
    • Health certification and trust
  • Physical and Chemical Laboratory

    • Raw material control
    • Production process optimization
    • Product functional test
    • Fault analysis and improvement
    • New product R&D
Optical measurement
-Physical measurements
Reliability testing
Child peoducts
Microbiological experiments
Physical and chemical experiments

Smart manufacturing

The application of smart systems has enabled Hongrita to achieve better production automation, digital management, and AI decision-making, thereby enhancing the factory's level of intelligence, optimizing enterprise operational efficiency, and quality management, and strengthening the company's competitiveness in the industry.

High Performance Mold and smart Manufacturing

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Precision Injection Molding Workshop

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Digital Management              

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